Replacement of new and used ECU Engine, transmission & other ECU

Electronic Transmission Control 722.9 7G-tronic

We can do Electronic Transmission Control (722.9 7G-tronic) for Siemens and Continental for Mercedes-Benz UNLOCKED VIRGINE  for future installment for any corresponding make of Mercedes-Benz with the use of dealer's equipment.
Also we reprogram and clone used transmission for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW for properly working on the cars,where they were installed.

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Electronic Transmission Control 722.9 7G-tronicElectronic Transmission Control - Continental for Mercedes-BenzETC for any make of Mercedes-BenzReprogram and clone used transmission for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW


ECU Service

We do cloning of the engine ECUs, transmission ECUs as well as ignition switch EZS for SPRINTER, Mercedes Benz , BMW, MINI, AUDI, VW, PORSCHE.
On Mercedes we do USED engine ECU, transmission ECU G-7 and modules of ICM VIRGIN for future use.
Also we provide change,programming and coding of electronic modules for Mercedes Benz, Sprinter, BMW, Porsche, Audi, VW, Range Rover, GM, DODGE.

ECUECU service for Mercedes-BenzECU repairECUECUECU service for Mercedes-BenzECU repairECUECUECU service for Mercedes-BenzECU repairECUECUECU service for Mercedes-BenzECU repairECUECUECU service for Mercedes-BenzECU repairECU


Ignition switch

We can repair ,replacement and cloning of ignition switch for ANY SPRINTER 2006-2018, Mercedes of 2000-2014 inc as well as we do keys in case of all lost keys or we can add from one to seven keys if the customer desires.

EZS ignition switchEZS for Mercedes and BMWrepair ezs for sprinter 2006-2018replacement and cloning of ignition switch for Mercedes 2000-2014



Light module FRM

On BMW where FRM module is placed when it is out of order we can fix  it
 as well as restore the program and code it like you had it before it needs to be fixed.
Main factors contributing for FRM failure:when the ignition is on, headlights are on constantly and the power windows not working and displys a "LIGHTING SYSTEM" message.
Also we can install the specific client-oriented FRM codings.

Light module FRMFRM for BMWInstall-FRM-codings


Replacement of new and used ECU engines, transmissions and other computers

If the ECU (engine's or immobilizer) is lost, an adaptation may be required after purchasing a new ECU. Including literally new one, as. the system will still have an unfit element. In SS-immobilizers, after the key is recognized, the permission to start the engine is a single password, irrespective of the copy of the specified ECU. Therefore, these immobilizers also allow, without additional programming, a replacement and their own managing ECU, which includes recorded keys. Some new (from the factory) ECU have a built-in function for writing keys once when the ignition is switched on for the first time. In other cases, adaptation is necessary.

Depending on the structure of the immobilizer, the replacement of the ECU may provide for its adaptation without re-registration of the existing keys, as well as the repeated recording of the new keys. . We can use the special programs as well as technique microchip editing.  It is important that, according to the final result, the adaptation by these methods of both the ECU and the keys is indistinguishable from the one made by the dealer way.