Computer diagnostic for gasoline and diesel vehicles

We do computer diagnostics and programming for all cars’ systems of brands such as Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Metris, Mercedes-benz, BMW, Range rover, AUDI, VolksWagen, Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet, Buick, Ford, Honda, Toyota and many others.

For which systems do we do computer diagnostics and programming?

  • Electronic ignition switch;
  • ECU;
  • Fuel pump;
  • Electronic system of unit TCU;
  • AT locking module;
  • Distronic;
  • Radar sensors controller unit;
  • Adaptive throttling system;
  • Electronic parking throttle;
  • ABC system for controlling the level of body;
  • Control of air pressure in a tire;
  • Keyless Go;
  • Airbag;
  • Weight Sensing System;
  • SAM on a driver’s side – processing of signals and control from a driver’s side;
  • SAM behind - processing of signals and control from behind;
  • Xenon headlights - left and right;
  • Ceiling control panel;
  • Upper control panel;
  • Central control panel;
  • Rear control panel;
  • Reversible belt pretensioner, front left and right;
  • Onboard power supply control unit;
  • Active Blind Spot Assist;
  • System diagnostics
  • Instrument cluster;
  • Electronic steering column module;
  • Night Vision System;
  • Multimedia systems;
  • Satellite Radio;
  • Central display;
  • Front left door and right door control unit;
  • Rear left and right door control unit;
  • Trunk lid control;
  • Front Left Right Electric Seat Adjustment;
  • Electric backseat  adjustment;
  • The seat with dynamic support, front left and right;
  • Multi-contoured seat backs with dynamic support;
  • Automatic climate control system;
  • Rear air conditioning control panel;

Car’s computer diagnostics is one of the most popular services, which is used by a lot of car owners. There are a lot of services in Philadelphia, where drives can pass this procedure. We offer services of a high-qualified specialist, who will do a diagnostic for an auto and also will do everything that is needed to solve the problem quickly and qualitatively.  We have all modern equipment available at our disposal and it can help to locate failure precisely.

If you need to have a car’s computer diagnostic in Philadelphia, you should visit our “boxed”, address and a phone number are written on the right hand side on our website.

Active safety systems cars

The main purpose of these systems is the prevention of an emergency situations. In case of emergency, the car judges the risk by itself without a driver and if there is a need, prevents it by an active intervention during driving.

The application of autos’ active safety systems in different situations allows to keep control of the car and, in other words, to keep the directional stability and handling of the car. Directional stability is stability of a moving body or vehicle about an axis which is perpendicular to its direction of motion.

Most popular and required active safety  systems:

  • Anti-lock braking system;
  • Anti-slip system;
  • Stability control system;
  • Brake force distribution system;
  • Emergency braking system;
  • Pedestrian detection system;
  • Electronic differential lock;

Active safety is a set of constructive and operational automotive features, which are made to prevent car accidents and to except preconditions of their occurrence connection

Auxiliary safety systems

These systems were made to help driver in difficult driving situations. In addition to early warning about a possible danger, systems take a big part in driving using the braking system and the steering control.

A lot of these systems were made because of the rapid development of electronic driving systems (the appearance of new types of input devices, increasing the performance of electronic control units).

Input devices include:

  • Parking system;
  • Round-robin system;
  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Emergency steering system;
  • Band assist system;
  • Assistance system for rebuilding;
  • Night vision system;
  • Road sign recognition system;
  • Driver exhaustion  control system;
  • Descent assistance system;
  • Lift assistance system;
  • Others.