Airbag Repair, SRS and Seat Occupant mat

Airbag crash data

Did the dealership tell you that you need a NEW AIRBAG module? NO, you need to come to US we will fix it at the lowest cost

If you refer to us you will no longer need to BUY AIRBAG COMPUTER MODULES.

Did your airbags deploy?
Is your airbag light flashing?
Are you reading CRASH DATA in the airbag computer? If you answered YES to any of the questions written above, please come to us. We will restore you computer like you just bought new one. After we are done with CRASH DATA of the airbag we can further help you with the repair of the  Restraint System.

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EZS ignition switchEZS for Mercedes and BMW

Very often drivers have a problem which is that the light on the dashboard is lit by the airbag. In this case, you need to contact the experts and check whether everything is in order, because the problem can be with the airbags themselves, or with the mechanisms of the belt or belt tensioners.

We repair the airbags, SRS and seat position sensor.

Types of work that we do:

  • Recovery Airbag ECU
    After the airbags have been activated, crash-data is written into the module, after which the module becomes unusable, we are restoring the module to the factory parameters, after which the module becomes usable.
  • Repair and calibration of occupancy sensors
  • Replacement of a seat belt
  • Repair of the shot positive clip on the battery

Airbags for driver and front passenger

Airbags for the driver and front passenger are equipped with a two-stage gas generator. The fuel of which does not contain salts and esters of nitrogen-containing acids. The gas generator has two stages of operation, which operate depending on the detected impact force. With a frontal impact, if the Aerobeg control unit recognizes a small impact force, only one gas generator chamber will be activated and the airbag will fire with less force. If the control unit detects a high impact force, it will additionally be with an interval of 5 to 15 ms. The second chamber of the gas generator is activated. However, with the appropriate impact force, the passenger restraint system must ensure the tension of the seat belts.

The signal for the activation of the second stage of the gas generator of the front passenger airbag depends not only on the impact force, but also on the mass of the passenger. When setting a small mass of the front passenger and a strong impact, the second stage of the gas generator of the front passenger airbag will not work.

The weight of the front passenger is determined by the gas pressure in the seat cushion using a load cell and recognizes four stages (up to 30 kg, up to 50 kg, up to 70 kg and over 70 kg), this sensor also recognizes the presence of the front passenger (in the absence of a front passenger cushion safety does not work). The last statement is also true for all types on which the automatic child seat recognition system is installed. While recognizing a child seat, the airbag will not work either. The belt tensioner works only when the belt lock is closed.

Side airbags (Side Bags)

Rear airbags are adjusted to the features of the model, in accordance with the performance of the elements of the rear side of the cabin in the area of the body structure and interior trim.

If triggered, the generator supplies gas to the side airbags, which are located above the armrests in the interior trim. Together with the window airbags offer side cushions increased protection for the chest and head of passengers in a severe side accident.

Window Air Bags (Windowbags)

The system of window airbags reduces the risk of damage caused in the time of accident to the driver, front and rear passengers in a side collision. This system is able to keep passengers in possible collisions, car accidents and  in other cases.

Belt feed mechanism

To promote the use of the seat belt, the coupe is equipped with a belt feeder. The lower external fastening of the safety belt is mobile and passes through the guide fixed to the threshold, so that the seat belt is not attached to the rear seat does not bother you and simultaneously guarantees the optimum movement of the seat belt. Equipped with this comfort-enhancing seat belt drive mechanism, the car occupies a special separate position on the market.