Chip tuning of turbo engines

Do you want to make your car better, faster and more economic?

Welcome to the world of chip tuning!

Chip tuning is a simple and  reliable way to get the maximum performance of your vehicle. Most cars nowadays support the functions of software calibration, which controls the supply of fuel, ignition, turbo. Chip tuning changes calibration charts, that results in the engine is more efficient and provides a noticeable increase in power and torque. On cars with a turbocharger, the productivity increase can be up to 20-30%, on cars with an atmospheric engine an increase is in the range of 5-10%. Fuel consumption after the chip tuning slightly increases, and in some cases decreases. As a result, the tuning chip of the car engine becomes more elastic, dynamic, responsive to pressing the gas pedal. You get a fast acceleration, confident overtaking, increasing the maximum speed, more comfortable driving in urban conditions and on the road.

Chip TuningChip Tuning for Mercedes and BMWChip Tuning for any carChip tuning Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, GM, Range Rover, etcChip TuningChip Tuning for Mercedes and BMWChip Tuning for any carChip tuning Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, GM, Range Rover, etcChip TuningChip Tuning for Mercedes and BMWChip Tuning for any carChip tuning Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, GM, Range Rover, etcChip tuning Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, GM, Range Rover, etc


Frequently asked Questions:

What is Chip Tuning?
Chip tuning is a reprogramming of the engine control unit with the goal of increasing engine power and torque, improving the dynamic properties of the car, and reducing fuel consumption.

What serves as the additional power boost and torque of the engine appear?
The main feature of the procedure called chip tuning is that the boost in power and torque is achieved by the method of correction and optimization of the engine control program. The power change  characteristics occur without any interference in the mechanics. The procedure for the tuning chip is subject to vast majority of gasoline and diesel cars nowadays.

How will average fuel consumption change after chip-tuning?
Usually, the fuel consumption slightly increases immediately after the chip is done and remains that way for about a week. Immediately after it falls to the most recent data, although in most cases it lowers. This phenomenon is explained simply. Immediately after completion, the owner begins to experience the additional possibilities of the car, lets it get fastest possible with the "to the floor” position of the gas pedal . Then, unnoticed for himself,the driver returns to the usual style of driving. And in this case the flow is determined by the increased efficiency: for the same traffic conditions, it needs less fuel,therefore, the engine is easier to spin.

How does chip tuning  affect the engine’s life?
Resource engine after the chip tuning is one with the main issues that car owners are worried about. At first glance, the statement suggests that due to the increased power and as a result of increased loads on the details of the piston group and the crank mechanism, the resource is still decreasing. Although this statement is quite controversial. Indeed, with constant sharp and rapid changes in speed and, accordingly, engine speed, there is a decrease in the motor resource. But this can all be done on a unchipped car. And in practice, such cases are rare. Simply put, the engine resource depends mainly on the driving style and, of course, the quality of the fuel and lubricants used. And this rule equally affects both the chipped cars, and those that did not undergo this procedure.

Is it really  possible for the engine itself not being able to be optimized by  the manufacturer?
Yes, it is. And it does! Look at the technical data of the same engine model, the same volume, assembled from the same components, on completely identical cars, issued at intervals of a year or two. You will notice that their power characteristics are different. It's just because of different programs in the ECU. The fact is that machines are produced for a wide range of consumers, are operated under different conditions, with a various  average temperatures, and, of course on fuel of different quality. Because for the manufacturer is easier to reinsure and leave in reserve some percent (20-30%) of its’ horsepowers.

How long does the "chipping" procedure take and what it costs you ?
With the prices for the procedure of chip-tuning for a particular car you can get acquainted by calling us on the phone indicated on the site. The procedure can last from one hour to one working day, depending on the technological complexity.

And what about the guarantees? Will the newly- guarantee--granted car not be removed from the guarantee?
We are working on the control program exclusively. It can not fail. Testing the program usually takes 14 days, during which you can contact us in case you are dissatisfied with anything. And everything related to pouring low-quality oil or fuel, puncturing the wheels and many other factors- apparently, is under  the competence of insurance companies. The owners of new guarantee-impacted cars are often concerned about the question of whether there will be a "shift" from the warranty after the chip tuning. There has not yet been a single case registred of removing them after the chip tuning until now. The explanation is simple - we do not change the entire regular program in the control unit (it contains the identifiers that dealers can read), but we change only the calibrations - the cards. In order to  determine these changes, it is necessary to consider the program and compare it with the original one, but there is simply no such possibility for dealers.